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high on polysci

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There’s no doubt that Obama’s presidency would drop like an apocalypse on White America. Systematic ideologies would be crushed and stuck underneath one man’s freshly shined oxfords. That man being a Black man. From a social perspective the opportunity for an African-American to become the Commander in Chief is beyond inspirational in fact transformable. Pools of fragile black boys would finally be cradled with such consistent positive imagery that the bruised generational backbone that has kept the Black community paralyzed may actually be…realigned

Nas – Black President

Obama in fact would be on heavy rotation amongst every youngn’s hip hop playlist…whether they liked it or not. 

Shit sounds like a mild euphoria, but something far more interesting than what we’re expecting may foam from our tiny tims mouths and onto our adult surface. That foam is what many see as a “distraction from the implacable institutional racism that permeates American life.” A quote from John McWhorter’s dope political joint, ObamaKids. It was in New York magazine about a month back, but finally getting a bookcase reunites me with that article. Anyways, (I hated typing that last sentence btw) back to the foam. 

Let’s just say America’s poster-black-family settles into the White House for a whole eight years. Does that ultimately eradicate the racial contract that has defined and divided us since birth?

“We learn the language to which we are first exposed. It will be impossible for young people in this new reality to process race in the way we do now. The performances we indulge in over who’s “playing the race card” will seem antique. For the members of a black generation that grew up watching a black man step out of Air Force One, the idea that they live under the yoke of white supremacy would require more cognitive dissonance than most people are willing to tolerate.”

Tolerate. Hmm. The conundrum to untangle is choosing between system and culture. Both have been stained for Black folks, but truthfully, both cannot breathe on the same surface. 

I feel mad scientist mode coming along. Can’t join Sylvia in the oven. At least not tonight anyway.

I wonder how the hell it feels to be a socially forgotten Native American. All these Black&White wars must severely piss them off…


blogging out of control

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It’s good to work for Jews. Atleast twice a week anyway. For 12 years I was stuck stapling my Catholic school skirt up 4 inches, wondering why the hell since Jesus was a Jew we couldn’t get some extra days off like the public school kids. I mean the entire Old Testament is dedicated to Jews. I studied the Old Testament!!

My bad.

Catholic flashbacks can be unbearable.

The point is, I’m getting paid not to work during Roshashana. Which means I can stuff you fat with blog posts. And that’s 10x better than wearing LEIs to class.

[!] dude, remember LEIs??

vote bitch!

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Last week to register folks. I don’t want to call you stupid if you fail to vote (Obama). But I mean, well yeah, you’d be stupid (to not vote Obama). Look, I’m even giving you the link. So, if you’re not going to do it for yourself, atleast do it for trace. I need some fucking healthcare.

you coming with?

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I AM A MAN exhibit

@ the MoCADA

September 25, 2008 – January 18, 2009

Curated by Kevin Powell

Organized by Laurie Cumbo & Kimberli Gant

[!] Photo by Jalylah Burrell

[!!] Painting by Rah Crawford

weak II words

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I wanna write a poem
That mounts metaphors
Rides repetition repeatedly
And persistently pounds parallelism
I wanna have intercourse through imagery
And seduce every simile
Climbing to a climax so powerful
That everything after it is descending action
I wanna tantalize through tropes
And heat up hyperboles
So that I can personify a pleasant past
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this is what happens…

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when I don’t blog.

dude we already knew

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The gayborhood really needs to house all those machismo-masked men who keep driving in late at night. The fathers of masculinity damn-well ruined it for them. Such claustrophobic options for manhood. Sigh.

Society will function without your hetero facade dude. So c’mon, fuck patriarchy (i won’t even place a joke here) and live your life free of construction. It’s empowering and you’ll still be a star quarterback. I promise. 

Oh and if I find out you’ve been rummaging in my hole, searching for the fountain of straight. I’ll kill you. I promise.

Come out, come out wherever you are.