cupid’s bent arrow

man (5:40:09 PM): i think bout givin it to u evveery dayyyy
woman (5:43:51 PM): every day?
woman (5:44:03 PM): hmmm…
woman(5:44:16 PM): thats a lot of days
man (5:54:40 PM): i know
woman (5:56:36 PM): tsk tsk tsk
man (5:57:05 PM): dont u think bout it
woman (5:57:40 PM): i get wet everytime i think about the nights we used to have…
woman (5:58:43 PM): but then i remember you have a girlfriend and realize im playing myself and i dry the hell up


4 Responses to “cupid’s bent arrow”

  1. i love tracy, especially for this

  2. one word.

  3. Hehe… this sounds like comedy gold. :)

  4. Okay, who are you Spot-Blowin’ on??

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