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hysterical ignorance at it’s lowest

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The above is called a “Drunken Negro Face Cookie”, conceptualized, designed, baked, and sold, by Greenwich Village bakery, Lafayette French Pastry. Yep, they were featured in Sex and the City. However, Ted Kefalinos, LFP’s proprietor, would like to feature something of his own, in *honor* of our newly elected Black president. This video speaks louder than any words I could type…

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does this make anyone else feel ridiculously uncomfortable?

pedophile bate and then some…

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I’ll keep it so real with you, a singing kid annoys me. And after some short personal analysis, I think it’s because I forever pulped any epiphany suggesting that I in fact couldn’t sing. See my ears started getting these crazy ideas back in the early 2000s that my vocal chords had somehow become the strongest part of my body. I blame this all on Britney Spears, whose lucky saccharine harmonies had me thinking i could belt out national anthems on malnutritioned lungs. Bitch. So mini Whitneys, pint sized Aguileras…yeah they don’t do it for me. I envy children who can outgame adults, especially when it comes to their lifelong dreams.
Now dancing. That’s my sport. Shorty up top can have all of Sesame Street hollering her name, but I’m not phased…Oh god, I just realized I’m talking smack about a fifth grader in a pink skirt. Sigh. Britney, this is all your fault.


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The folks at Gawker really have a way of smashing a Monday all over you’re face…

“So, you want to be a journalist? Ha ha ha. Jeez. Your timing sucks. But hey, it’s a perfectly semi-honorable profession; nobler than finance, not as noble as being a postman. So whether you’re already in journalism and wondering about what direction your career should take (besides down), or a terribly misguided young go-getter looking to getinto journalism, we’re here to help. Every freaking thing you need to know about the real state of the media job market…”

I guess it’s time to get extra padding for a long abusive relationship with print media. Good thing I’m into mild masochism. These things make for great bios.

I want a great bio.

Fuck Halloween. This is scary.


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A couple quick comments:

1. wow.

2. why?

3. teensy!

At least we’re publicly shattering some Black stereotypes here. Yeah…