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Look mom!

Posted in M&M, midday wow on September 9, 2008 by trace

They told me not to watch anime so close to the TV, but I did it anyway. I was warned that my eyes would stretch farther than tape and my blues would spill over my whites, but I did it anyway. I used to sleep on a Power Puff bedspread, but then I accidentally soiled their neon mugs. So I moved on to the big girls. You know, Sailor Moon and company. They sweeten my life, kinda like cake. I don’t care if my mom says I look like I got punched by a cartoon. What does she know?? She looks normal, like a damn human. I look effin hot! Kiss my lids. They’ll kiss you back.


eye kinda like

Posted in M&M on August 5, 2008 by trace

Looks like press-on nails and clip-on earrings have scored a third beauty installment.

It’s called Color On…Eye Envy and to be frank, it’s ridiculously cheesy. Let me stop. It is at first glance a bit caseous, but if you think about – and if it works – the idea is really imaginatively constructive. The caked up girls at Sephora wouldn’t sex my curiosity with a sample, but I was given a pitch as to why this product is a must-have. Basically the phrases that stuck out were “peel and go”, “dozens of shades”, and…well that’s it. OH, and the lady behind the mask (ha) spent 10yrs perfecting it in her kitchen. I don’t know about you, but housewifed makeup stickies sounds hella good to me.

I’m not quite sure if I that last statement was sarcastic or not…

Whatever. Here’s where you can cop.

pot of gold

Posted in M&M with tags , on July 23, 2008 by trace

Usually when people start off a sentence with, “I hate to do this, but…” it means something highly irritable, invective, or unneccessary is about to buzz off their tounge.

So, I won’t start my sentence that way. However, some of you are bound to feel (excuse me) be ostracized from this post. So if after reading this you find yourself sitting segregated – get over it. 


I fux heavy with Stila. Yesterday morning I greeted my lids with a thin line of night from their incredibly obedient smudge pots collection. Soon after, went about my biz for 11hrs and finally made it back to the crib. After an unexpected crash, I headed to the washbin to free up my face. Now the climax: I looked in the mirror, pushed my naps to the side, and could not believe my eyes (literally). The blinkers still looked like 10s! Holla! Take it from Sephora’s legendary tomboy, these pots are the shiiit.