about trace

she’s a nerd. so History Channel specials get her hot.

she’s a music lover. so she’d whore for three tight verses and an einstein hook.

she’s a mad sarcastic scientist. so she enjoys the company of cheeky, insensitive, intellectuals.

she’s a glutton. so piles of philippino dried mangoes, stacks of chipotle burritos, and sneaky glasses of wine are what she considers oral sex.

she’s random. so she hates maps. yet she’s always looking for something. something. something to occupy her time or more so, something to occupy her mind.

she’s bisexual. so three is definitely a charm.

she’s a scorpio. so mysticism lingers over her existence. let’s just say she swims in the deep end.

she’s just kidding about that second to last statement. the part after “comma so…” she definitely thinks three is a crowd…pervert (she said that).

she’s expressive. so that’s why she writes.

…and that’s why she blogs.



9 Responses to “about trace”

  1. tracy im checking out trace in space wow you are a great writer dear with such a creative mind kudos……………………………..

  2. traceinspace is the shit.
    and so was middaywow…you need you’re own tv show lol.

  3. trace your blog is Hot sex on a platter

  4. Twisted Elegance Says:

    I must admit you are def are one of the only people who can mentally penetrate via technology- now u know damn well its hard enough for two mature adults to have a conversation that pertains to more than sexual matter much less mentally dissect and penetrate someone’s mental walls and hit the g-spot of thought while blogging is unheard of – until there was traceinspace.

  5. damn. blush on brown skin.

    for real.

  6. Wait, your bisexual? Lmao.

  7. wow, i’m late with this but your blog is EN-TER-TAINING!

  8. Great picture!

  9. lol… Good stuff!

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